Tuesday 17 May 2016

LEARN WITH US : S/4 HANA Analytics!!

What it is?

S/4 HANA stands for Simple 4th Generation Business suite solutions from SAP which will run on SAP HANA. SAP HANA is one of the preferred product among the companies seeking for an optimized enterprise solution because the product has come a long way from its previous predecessors which had its transaction processing and analytical processing in different platforms, that meant more time on data output and decision making.

It is very well known as The Next Generation Business Suite and it is greatest innovation since R3 and ERP from the SAP world. It unites the software and people to build businesses to run on real-time, networked and in simple way. It has got built-in analytics for hybrid transactional and analytical applications.

What does it do?

LEARN WITH US : S/4 HANA Analytics!!

SAP S/4 HANA provides enhanced analytical capabilities due to the architecture based on SAP HANA. Now SAP Hana is all about Insight and immediate action on LIVE data, nullifying the process of batch processing and ETL. Some of the best features with S/4 Hana analytics are cross system online reports, a built in BI system, Smart business, analytical applications and many more. Real-time reporting on data is available from the one single SAP S/4HANA component, which aid you to get many other tools for analytical purposes by creating quick queries.

How does real-time data and historical data work together?

SAP S/4 HANA Analytics + SAP Business Warehouse

Now let us have a closer look from the data perspective!

When a BW system is running on an SAP HANA database, the BW data is stored in a special schema known as the BW-managed schema and is exposed via InfoProviders (e.g. DataStore Objects, Info Objects, etc.). In other (remote) SAP HANA schemas, data can be stored in SAP HANA tables and accessed via HANA views which are based e.g. on Core Data Services (CDS) technology.

LEARN WITH US : S/4 HANA Analytics!!

You can make data available from any SAP HANA database schema of your choice in BW. You can also make BW data (data from the BW-managed schema in the SAP HANA database) available in a different SAP HANA schema. To do so you can use virtual access methods such as Open ODS Views (using HANA Smart Data Access for remote scenarios) and data replication methods like SAP LT Replication Server.

S/4 Hana analytics just uses the concept of Instant Insight to action by using its’ built in analytics for hybrid transactional and analytical processes. One of the applications that work on this principle is SAP Smart business cockpits which use advanced analytics enabling the business user to see instant real time data to solve any business situations. They are individualized, more accurate, and more collaborative and can be operated form anywhere, anytime.

The process of combining the real time data and multi sourced data with S/4 HANA analytics and SAP Business Warehouse respectively has helped the company provide a hybrid solution which is a strategic move. S/4 for HANA analytics complements SAP BW (powered by SAP HANA) helping in better services and decision making for the organizations.

Source: scn.sap.com


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