Monday 30 September 2019

Restricted & Calculated Measures in S/4 HANA Cloud Custom Analytical Queries(In-app extensibility)

In S/4 HANA cloud Custom Analytical Queries are used to build reports. Here in this blog we will talk about Restricted & Calculated measures and how those can be used. Let’s talk about a simple example to illustrate the use of these measures. For example, we need a report for financial reporting which includes –

1. Company Code (Dimension)
2. Ledger (Dimension)
3. G/L Account (Dimension)
4. Current Year Total In Company Code currency (Measure)
5. Previous Year Total In Company Code currency (Measure)
6. Total In Company Code currency (Measure)

Friday 27 September 2019

S/4 HANA FIORI Transactional App data validations with FIORI ELEMENT Template and CDS -BOPF framework

Introduction: This Blog is to show S/4 hana fiori transactional app data validations with FIORI  ELEMENT  Template and CDS -BOPF framework.This covers   CDS creation, app crud operations(transactional behaviour), Odata Publish withannotations  and Odata registration to be used in front end. Required SAP landscape prerequisites are  Eclipse ADT, WebIDE, S/4 HANA  On-Premise with SAP_GWFND and SAP_UI components.

Main Part : The below steps are  required to  perform data validations with BOPF framework in S/4 HANA app.

Thursday 26 September 2019

Predictive Material and Resource Planning (pMRP)

In this Blog will discuss What’s New about Predictive Material and Resource Planning (pMRP)

With SAP latest release on 1909 HANA On-Premises Version, new functionality has been introduced to improve Capacity Issues, the new functionality is pMRP – Predictive Material and Resource Planning

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Publishing data to Salesforce from SAP HANA using SDI.


There are use cases where one has to publish huge volume of data from SAP HANA to Salesforce,  this blog describes options that are available with the Advantco Salesforce adapter for SDI. We describe how to use virtual tables to upsert (update/create) standard or custom objects in Salesforce. We will also handle platform events in case of more complex use cases where one has parent and child objects.

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Playing with HANA parameters

Note: This blog is the recreation of an old blog on an old profile as part of the process of pulling all my content together on a consolidated profile.

The purpose of this blog was to share two end to end examples of passing parameters within HANA and using placeholders in SELECT statements.

I have created two scenarios:

1. HANA Table –> Table Function (with parameters) –> Calculation View (with parameters)

2. HANA Table –> Calculation View (with parameters) –> Procedure (with parameters)

Monday 23 September 2019

Jenkins Build Process with SAPUI5 through HANA XSA

In this blog, we will build the NodesJS and SAPUI5 app in SAP HANA XSA that controls the Jenkins build process.

What’s Jenkins ?

Jenkins ( offers a simple way to set up a continuous integration or continuous delivery environment for almost any combination of languages and source code repositories using pipelines, as well as automating other routine development tasks.

Saturday 21 September 2019

SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03 on HANA Express – The (very good) first impressions

There are so many new features that I do not even know where to start! I have been playing with these for the last weeks and updating tutorials on XS Advanced. But I had to contain my excitement and  wait until everybody else could get their copy.

There are plenty of very cool features released in SAP HANA, express edition 2.0 SPS03, some are at plain sight and some not. This is my own recollection of the some of them.

Friday 20 September 2019

Error Message “Unkeep Attribute could not be removed” for SQL Queries against External SAP HANA Views with Non-Cumulatives

Have you ever tried to expose a BW query with non-cumulative key figures as External SAP HANA View? Then, you probably bumped into the error message “Unkeep Attribute could not be removed”. This blog explains why the error message is raised and how it can be avoided under certain conditions.

Thursday 19 September 2019

When to use Execute in SQL Engine for Calculation Views

This posting will give an overview of the implications of the setting “Execute in SQL Engine”. This setting is available for Calculation Views to overrule the default execution behavior.


When Calculation Views are included in queries the query is first optimized in a special engine called “Calculation Engine”. This has a drawback when the query is included in a larger SQL query because in this case two different optimization processes are involved: One for the SQL query part and a separate one for the Calculation View part. This can lead to inefficiencies between the different optimization processes.

Wednesday 18 September 2019

Data Lifecycle Manager (DLM) Database Artifacts and Data Relocation Use Cases

Today’s post goes into more depth on the database artifacts that can be generated within a DLM profile and provides more detail on the data relocation direction use cases for moving hot data to cold data storage, cold to hot data storage or bi-directional movement of data between hot and cold data stores. Let’s dive right in:

Tuesday 17 September 2019

S/4HANA – what impact on BW and BW/4HANA??

In this blog, I’ll detail another issue linked to the migration of a system but in this case, it is the migration of ECC to S/4HANA and the impact this has on the BW and BW/4HANA systems.

The main impact on BW and BW/4HANA after upgrading ECC to S/4HANA is on the BW datasources (DS) object type.

Monday 16 September 2019

Develop a full-stack multi module business application(MTA) by using java as middle-ware.

In this blog, I will explain the step by step process to create a multi module business application(MTA) by using java as the middle-ware component with the help of SAP Web IDE full-stack and this application will be deployed onto the Cloud Foundry trail account.

Functionality of the Application :- Here I am going to display the list of employees of an organization.

Friday 13 September 2019

Business Partner SAP S/4 HANA insights

Business Partner Approach in SAP S/4 HANA

The following blog post provides an insight into the SAP S/4 HANA system and how business partner setup must be done for migration.

I would like to share a glimpse of my current experience with SAP S/4 HANA migration.

Many of us always struggle where to start, how to start and finally ends with why to start

Thursday 12 September 2019

Socket.IO File Upload in SAP HANA XSA

In this blog, we are going to build a file (.csv) upload app with NodeJS and In previous blog, I created the similar app but using XSJS lib in HANA XSA. With websocket, I would like to overcome the gateway timeout issue when using HTTP post method.

Let’s get started by creating the SAP Cloud Platform Business Application with database, NodeJS and web module.

Wednesday 11 September 2019

Create CSV File Upload SAPUI5 App with SAP HANA XSA

In this blog, I am going to share how to create a simple SAPUI5 app to upload .csv file into SAP HANA XSA tables. We will create the multi-target-application that consist of database, XSJS and SAPUI5 module.

Let’s get started.

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Lets discuss some good practices of coding

This blog will help folks who just on-boarded for ABAP in understanding the codes in line with it.

Note: 1st block of code indicates incorrect way of coding. Codes that follow the golden rules are written just after that.

Monday 9 September 2019

SAP HANA ML Python APIs: Sequential Pattern Mining Algorithm (SPM)

Welcome to HANA ML Python API for sequential pattern mining aka (SPM) method.I explained first four methods of association analysis in my previous blog post.

Note: Make Sure your python environment with HANA ML is up and running ,if not please follow the steps mentioned in previous blog post.

Wednesday 4 September 2019

Association Analysis Algorithms Implementation using HANA ML Python APIs.

Let’s Start –

Here is small list & introduction of the methods which I will be implementing one by one.

Introduction and algorithm description

I have used Jupyter Notebook which uses the real time itemset dataset to demonstrate the association rule mining algorithms below which are provided by in hana_ml package.

Tuesday 3 September 2019

Expect Better from your Data Warehouse

As a young man growing up, my teachers, coaches, or other adults would not hesitate to use words like “You can do better”, “I expect more”, and even “Just do your best”. I (like most kids) often fell short of expectations. Each spoken time, these phrases would create an opportunity for me to evaluate how I fell short and how I must change to be successful in the future.

Monday 2 September 2019

Central Finance (CFIN) – Cost Object Mapping

This blog post is proposed for the Central Finance implementation project team. Sharing this information based on my experience in Central Finance project. The landscape was SAP 4.6C source system, separate instance of SLT and Target S4 HANA 1709

Sunday 1 September 2019

WhatsApp Integration with SAP S/4HANA

I have added Part II is here, which will discuss the how we can handle the security aspect.

But How this integration make sense?

Answer is very simple think about a situation where you want to know your order status, either you would login to system or you ask someone. Now instead of doing this if you could ask whatsapp bot which could tell you insight of your order. Much simpler isn’t’ it.