Download and Install SAP HANA Studio

Download SAP HANA Studio from SAP Service Market Place:
SAP service market place is the location from where we can buy SAP products. We can buy SAP HANA Studio from here by using following steps.
  • Go to SAP Service Market Place
  • Choose Support Packages and Patches -> A-Z Index: H -> SAP HANA Enterprise Edition -> SAP HANA Enterprise EDIT .1.0 -> Comprised Software Component Versions -> SAP HANA STUDIO 1.00 -> ->your operating system>
  • Run the SAPCAR executable to download the SAR file. Extract this SAR file.
  • Use command SAPCAR -xvf <your-SAR-file> to extract the file.
  • Run the HDBSETUP executable to install and update HANA Studio.
  • When prompted, use option Install new SAP HANA Studio to proceed with the installation.
Free download of SAP HANA Studio:
SAP also provides free access to SAP HANA studio for developers. We can download it from here.
HANA Developer Edition-SAP HANA Studio

Installation Paths:
If we do not specify an Installation Path during installation, the following default values apply:
  • Microsoft Windows 32-bit -> C:Program Filessaphdbstudio
  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit -> C:Program Filessaphdbstudio
  • Microsoft Windows 32-bit (x86) -> C:Program Files (x86)saphdbstudio
  • Linux x86, 64-bit -> /usr/sap/hdbstudio
How to Open SAP HANA studio?
In Microsoft Windows:
  1. Go to start menu
  2. Start -> All Programs -> SAP HANA -> SAP HANA Studio
The SAP HANA studio starts.
In Linux:
  1. Open a shell and go to the installation directory, such as /usr/sap/hdbstudio
  2. Execute the following command “./hdbstudio”.
The SAP HANA studio starts.

This video on how to install and download SAP HANA studio can help you with latest SAP HANA SPS11 version. Credit goes to SAP HANA Academy

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