Sunday 30 July 2017

SAP HANA 2.0 SPS02 new feature: updated python driver


As background: there have been two HANA python drivers available for some time:
  • The python driver included with the SAP HANA Client package (hdbcli). The client package included a distribution of python 2.7 and the driver works only with that distribution.
  • The python driver available on github (pyHDB). This driver is implemented in pure python, and worked with both python 2 and 3, but is not fully supported by SAP.

Friday 28 July 2017

SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 02: New Developer Features; Database Development

In this blog, I would like to introduce you to the new features for the database developer in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 02.  We will focus on the database development topic including Core Data Services, as well as SQLScript.

Core Data Services(CDS)

Simplified security management in SAP HANA 2.0 SPS02

Managing secure data access and configuring systems securely are critical tasks in operating business systems today. SAP HANA has security built into its core, with a comprehensive framework and tooling for authentication and single sign-on, authorization and role management, user and identity management, audit logging, secure configuration and encryption.

Thursday 27 July 2017

How To Create AMDP With Parameters In ABAP Modular Perspective In SAP HANA

What are AMDPs…

ABAP Managed Database Procedures are a new feature in AS ABAP allowing developers to write database procedures directly in ABAP. You can think of a Database Procedure as a function stored and executed in the database. The implementation language varies from one database system to another. In SAP HANA it is SQL Script. Using AMDP allows developers to create and execute those database procedures in the ABAP environment using ABAP methods and ABAP data types.

Wednesday 26 July 2017

A practical example of ABAP on HANA optimization

A practical example of HANA optimization

In this blog, I’ll try to recap my journey through the land of SELECT’s and internal tables towards the realm of HANA. I wanted to take a slow-performing ABAP, not something from a tutorial or playground module from SAP, but something “real”, tangible, a proper “pain point”, and describe how it can be converted to using HANA view(s).

Monday 24 July 2017

CDS view performance analysis using PlanViz in HANA studio

I am a newbie in CDS performance area and frequently I meet with some “weird” performance behavior which makes me really confused. After I consulted with performance experts, it turns out that all those “strange” behavior has their root cause and could be well explained – no strange at all but just works as designed! I will share with my finding and learning with you through this blog.

Sunday 23 July 2017

Get your SSH keys to HANA Express instance in Google Cloud Platform

You’ve been watching this SAP CodeTalk or following this tutorial on how to setup your SAP HANA, express edition, (or HXE) with the Google Cloud Launcher. Now you would like to connect to the instance from some SSH client, such as PuTTY or the console on your Mac or Linux computer.

You need the SSH keys, but where are they? If this is your first project and you have not generated your keys before, chances are that you won’t find them in your .ssh folder as this tutorial indicates:

Saturday 22 July 2017

SAP HANA – Detailed Memory Analysis Walkthrough


In this exercise, I’ll give a walkthrough on how to perform a top down investigation on high & peak HANA memory usage and its associate top memory consumers with the aid of HANA SQL scripts attached to SAP Note 1969700 – SQL Statement Collection for SAP HANA and Statistics data (History / Current) collected by ESS / SSS (Mandatory. Recommended retention = 49 days)

I’m taking below example where I was asked to perform a memory analysis on a productive system where there was a spike of peak memory usage, around 5.9TB.

Friday 21 July 2017

Bridging two worlds : Integration of SAP and Hadoop Ecosystems

Proliferation of web applications, social media and internet-of-things coupled with large-scale digitalization of business processes has lead to an explosive growth in generation of raw data. Enterprises across the industries are starting to recognize every form of data as a strategic asset and increasingly leveraging it for complex data driven business decisions. Big Data solutions are being used to realize enterprise ‘data lakes’, storing processed or raw data from all available sources and powering a variety of applications/use-cases.

Wednesday 19 July 2017

Dedicated SAP HANA XS Advanced Runtime host installation through resident hdblcm on HANA 2 SPS 01

In this blog I will cover installation of XS Advanced Runtime on a dedicated host on HANA 2 SPS 01. Even though my example covers HANA 2 SPS 01, the process is similar on HANA 1 SPS 11+.

  1. The SAP HANA system has been installed with its server software on a shared file system (export options rw, no_root_squash).
  2. The host has access to the installation directories <sapmnt> and <sapmnt>/<SID>.

Monday 17 July 2017

HANA MDC cross-database access

In a multi tenant database setup for HANA, the tenants are isolated from each other and can not see the content in other tenants by default. But there can be need to access some data from the other tenant. This can be accomplished using a cross-database access functionality that is provided by HANA.

The first thing to know about cross-database access is that it only allows SELECT access to data from the source database.

Sunday 16 July 2017

Creating CDS/EDM views from RAW HANA SQL TABLES

If you need to create a CDS/EDM views from raw SQL HANA is a script. There seems to be no automatic utility in HANA studio.

The below assumes you know SQL and how to create a CDS/EDM view.

A definition of a SQL table, which need to be converted.

Saturday 15 July 2017

HANA XS Core Data Services (CDS) – Troubleshooting, tips and tricks

Today I have decided to create the blog post for people who are struggling with Cloud Platform and HANA XS. My googling skills revealed that the blog posts available here do not tell you important things that you have to know. E.g. there are even mistakes in the code and you should invest your precious time to solve them.

I hope, this blog article will be interesting and helpful for you as it might be interesting for me in cast I forget something. It will be also great if developers read it and improve the product (doesn’t matter which one, but simply improve). By the way, I plan to update the article as long as I will be working with CDS.

Thursday 13 July 2017

Successful implementation of Cumulative Sum in SAP HANA

A cumulative sum is a sequence of partial sums of a given sequence. For example, the cumulative sums of the sequence {a, b, c, ...} are a, a+b, a+b+c, .....Cumulative sums.

Cumulative Sum: Cumulative sums, or running totals, are used to display the total sum of data as it grows with time (or any other series or progression). This lets you view the total contribution so far of a given measure against time.

Wednesday 12 July 2017

SAP MII connection to External HANA database

SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) is a very powerful tool provided by SAP to connect shop floor systems (PLC / SCADA / Historians) to ERP (SAP ECC / SAP S/4 HANA). By such seamless integration between shop floor and ERP systems, it provides customers better visibility in terms of manufacturing production and it helps in reducing operational costs by providing various dashboards, KPI monitoring and visual representation of machine data. In today’s world where everyone is talking and researching about IoT and the massive amount of data that any manufacturing company is going to deal with, the expectation from the SAP MII customers is to handle huge volume of time-series and tabular data collected from operations/PLCs at the manufacturing plants to perform long-term trend and regression analysis on it near real time. Moreover, customers also want to predict and prevent operational issues such as machine downtimes, material quality and performance bottlenecks in production lines.

Tuesday 11 July 2017


In my previous blog I have covered how to UNPIVOT data in HANA, in this blog I am covering how to PIVOT data in HANA.

While converting MS-SQL procedures into HANA procedures, we came across PIVOT statement in one of the select query, unfortunately HANA SQL Script does not support PIVOT operation hence we had to come up with alternative approach. In this blog I will cover two approaches to PIVOT data in HANA
  1. Using graphical calculation view
  2. Using HANA SQL Script

Monday 10 July 2017

SAP Hana 2.0 SP1 – Smart Data Streaming & DT Combined with Raspberry Pi Part-3

Build Smart Data Streaming project

The virtual scenario to construct my project is the following:
I have several workspace locations such as, store, Factory, Library … across different country that I would like to monitor the temperature, humidity, air quality and air density.

Among this location, I want to track only my IT Room location based in Mexico where 12 employees are working in this place with many computers.

Sunday 9 July 2017

SAP Hana 2.0 SP1 – Smart Data Streaming & DT Combined with Raspberry Pi Part-2

Continued SAP Hana 2.0 SP1 – Smart Data Streaming & DT Combined with Raspberry Pi Part-1

Install Smart Data Streaming and add the service to the tenant

Smart Data Streaming installation for my scenario consist of several package software to downloads such as:

Note: I will not cover the SDS Studio installation portion but it’s already installed on my side

Saturday 8 July 2017

SAP Hana 2.0 SP1 – Smart Data Streaming & DT Combined with Raspberry Pi Part - 1

In my documentation, I will explain and detail how install and configure SAP Hana 2.0 SP1 with Smart Data Streaming and Dynamic Tiering combined on the same server.

For my data collection, I will connect my Raspberry PI which use GrovePI for sensor to my environment, and will build a custom XS application to visualize the data captured.

For my setup, I’ll use my own lab on VMware VSphere 6.5, run SAP Hana 2.0 SP1 environment and components, Raspberry PI 3 Model B with GrovePI+ and sensors.

Friday 7 July 2017

SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 01 – What’s the big deal?

SAP HANA 2.0 SPS 01 – What’s the big deal?

If you are an SAP system administrator like myself, the last thing you would consider exciting is yet another HANA database update – let’s face it, we all perform HANA patching at such a rate that our managers now consider it to be common place.

Wednesday 5 July 2017

HANA 2.0 Doc Store Service


HANA so far has been excellent providing Row and column store But as they say, there is always scope of improvement and SAP proving it again.

SAP HANA: Material Classification Data with LongText into HANA

In this Blog, I want to show How to bring Material Classification Data along with LongText into HANA.

As per example below, I want to bring all the Classification Data for this Material along with LongText.

This Below screenshot is from MM03 and you can see how the Classification Data is defines with Longtext.

ECC Version: 618.

Tuesday 4 July 2017

Explaining SAP HANA Revision Strategy

SAP HANA is a dynamic product and that’s why it is important to know the best way to keep your SAP HANA database maintained based on your situation.

There are several terms used to describe parts of the SAP HANA revision strategy.
  • SAP HANA Revisions: “Revision” refers to packages containing fixes for core SAP HANA components such as SAP HANA database, SAP HANA Studio, SAP HANA Clients, AFLs, SDA and HWCC tool.

Sunday 2 July 2017

HANA 2 and two riddle errors

HANA 2 has been out for a while now – even SP01 of it is available already – so I thought it is about time to get more familiar with it.

Using my trusty “skullbox”. I installed HANA 2 and realised that I now also will have to have a HANA Cockpit 2.0 installation, to be fully able to use all of the glorious new features.

Downloading the HANA Cockpit 2.0 package is a breeze as long as you do it via a proper broadband connection.