Wednesday 29 June 2022

Providing a solution to an agile business requirement with SAP BTP

In this blog, we will describe the process of identifying and adjusting the correct pieces from SAP BTP Platform in order to solve a specific customer request. This process starts from fully understanding the business needs. Then, how this translates to different SAP BTP components, in order not only to answer the current requirement but also and the future ones.

Business Case

A self service mechanism was requested by a customer (mainly from business users) in order to quickly create or edit new derived time dependent measures. This mechanism will help them to take faster and better business decisions. The key points which driven the provided solution were mainly two, who will use it (Business users) and how / where (from reporting layer).

Monday 27 June 2022

Analyzing High User Load Scenarios in SAP HANA

If you are a ERP/NetWeaver system administrator, you will face many scenarios where you experience high resource utilization in the HANA DB. In order to correct these situations, you need to analyze the root cause of this load. This blog post will help you in the analysis process to find the root cause of the load. It will help you find the exact application user which caused this load on your HANA DB.

When get reports from your monitoring tools or users about performance issues in the system, do the following:

◉ Login to HANA Cockpit

◉ Open the Database (usually tenant) which is affected by the issue.

◉ Go to CPU Usage -> Analyze Workloads

Friday 24 June 2022

SAP PaPM Cloud: Downloading Output Data Efficiently

Let’s say that as a Modeler, you have successfully uploaded your data into SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (SAP PaPM Cloud) and utilized SAP PaPM Cloud’s extensive modeling functions for enrichment and calculation. And as a result of your Modeling efforts, you now have the desired output that you would like to download from the solution. The question is: Depending on the number of records, what would be the most efficient way to do this?

To make it simple, I’ll be using ranges to differentiate small and large output data. Under these two sections are step-by-step procedure on how to download results generated from SAP PaPM Cloud – in which based on my experience, would be the most efficient way.

Friday 10 June 2022

SAP Tech Bytes: CF app to upload CSV files into HANA database in SAP HANA Cloud


◉ SAP BTP Trial account with SAP HANA Database created and running in SAP HANA Cloud

◉ cf command-line tool (CLI)

If you are not familiar with deploying Python applications to SAP BTP, CloudFoundry environment, then please check Create a Python Application via Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface tutorial first.

I won’t repeat steps from there, like how to logon to your SAP BTP account using cf CLI. But I will cover extras we are going to work with / experiment with here.

Thursday 9 June 2022

SAP HANA On-Premise SDA remote source in SAP HANA Cloud using Cloud Connector

SAP Cloud Connector serves as a link between SAP BTP applications and on-premise systems. Runs as on-premise agent in a secured network and provides control over on-premise systems and resources that can be accessed by cloud applications.

In this blog, you will learn how to enable cloud connector for HANA Cloud Instance, install and configure the cloud connector. Also to connect an SAP HANA on-premise database to SAP HANA Cloud using SDA remote source.

Wednesday 8 June 2022

How to deal with imported Input Data’s NULL values and consume it in SAP PaPM Cloud

Hello there! I will not bother you with some enticing introduction anymore and get straight to the point. If you are:

(a) Directed here because of my previous blog post SAP PaPM Cloud: Uploading Input Data Efficiently or;

(b) Redirected here because of a quick Google search result or what not…

Either way, you are curious on how a User could use a HANA Table with NULL values upon data import and consume this model in SAP Profitability and Performance Management Cloud (SAP PaPM Cloud). Then, I got you covered with this blog post. 

Monday 6 June 2022

Exception Aggregation in SAP SAC, BW/BI and HANA: A Practical approach

Today am going to discuss about a very useful topic about exception aggregation in term of concepts and usage scenario in SAP Analytics Cloud, BW/BI and HANA.

In all the Analytics reports or dashboards Key figures are shown in the aggregated level. But the main question is how the aggregation done and shown in the report ?

In Standard Aggregation applied to a Calculated key figure, Key figure aggregation done by group by all the dimensions in a single row for a single select.