Friday 31 March 2023

Model Compression without Compromising Predictive Accuracy in SAP HANA PAL

The recent success of applying state-of-the-art AI algorithms on tasks with modern big data has raised concerns on their efficiency. For instance, ensemble methods like random forest usually require lots of sub-learners to achieve favorable predictive performance, which result in an increasing demand for model storage space with an increasing dataset size.

Such tree-based models may go to GB level, making them difficult to deploy on resource-constrained devices or costly in the cloud. Moreover, a larger model usually causes a higher inference time and energy consumption which are not usable in many real-world applications.

Wednesday 29 March 2023

Generic Data Extraction using ABAP CDS view from S/4HANA to BW4HANA

Today, I am going to discuss about the generic data extraction using ABAP CDS view from S/4HANA to BW4HANA. Before That, let go though details of ABAP CDS view like what does it mean by ABAP CDS view , how it overcome some limitation of ABAP classic view ,commonly syntax, how it differs from HANA CDS view,what are the object that generated when you activated a CDS view , basic CDS view based extraction architecture , some important things to remember about ABAP CDS view.

Finally we will take a scenario where cross plant material description we will populate with material number in abap CDS and extract it in our BW/4HANA landscape. Let’s go through one by one.

Wednesday 22 March 2023

SAP HANA Monitoring with RybaFish: custom KPIs

Today I want to draw your attention to the visual aspect of information presentation.

The human brain is incredibly good at getting and interpreting visual information. We spent years in our high schools and universities analyzing graphs of functions and getting common with this form of information. A huge part of those charts has time on the X-axis, in this case, we have the value dependency on time. One extreme example of this approach is the so-called “black box” or flight recorder read-outs used in aircraft accident investigation.

Wednesday 15 March 2023

“Selection of Production Version” at the time of converting planned order to Production order

Intro: – Hi folks, I am writing this blog on “Selection of Production Version” at the time of converting  Planned order to Production order.

Let’s assume for one Finish goods there are lot of productions versions, when we create planned order and convert it into Production order specific production version is selected automatically, based on how we set the master data in MRP 4 view (production version).

With the help of this Blog, we understand how to select production version manually, when we convert planned order into production order.

Monday 13 March 2023

Implement a Node.js module (without xsjs support) to populate with HANA DB artifacts in HANA XSA

In this blog I am going to discuss about the pure node js module (without xsjs support) to populate with HANA DB artifacts in HANA XSA.  Here we will populate a table from HANA HDI container.

Pre steps:

1. Create a Cloud DB instance:

A. Log into the trial account and go inside dev space and create DB instance in cloud.

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Friday 10 March 2023

Create a CAPM Application using SAP Business application studio for file-based persistence.

In this session we will discuss about the file base persistence of a local file using a simple CAPM application developed in SAP Business Application Studio.

SAP CAPM (Cloud Application Programming Model) is a framework on Cloud Foundry environment provided for boiling service and application which can use to solve different business scenario for enterprise corporation. The Core Data & Services (CDS) to build data models and service definitions  consuming the data from the underlying SQL database like HANA  and exposed as a service to different platform. The are two types of runtime environments in CAPM i.e. Java and Node.JS. The Structure looks like below –

Monday 6 March 2023

Old Snapshot deletion to reduce doubled/Larged /hana/data volume size

Recently I came across the situation where the HANA Data Volume Used Size is Doubled or Much Larger than Before and even HANA reclaim could not free up data volume used size.

This was for non-production HANA system where we had recently done the system refresh from production system which has HA (HIGH Availability) Setup. Usually this problem happens post system refresh as replication snapshots from production gets copied.

Friday 3 March 2023

SAP HANA Cloud Migration: Setup your on-premise HANA system for the Self-Service Migration tool

In the last blog, you learned how to migrate instances from the SAP HANA Service for BTP on Cloud Foundry to SAP HANA Cloud by using Self-Service Migration tool. Now, I’m happy to announce that this tool is available for on-premise HANA database landscape as well.

Currently, the tool runs only the compatibility check. It doesn’t support catalog or data migration yet, but the support for this is planned for later this quarter.

Here, you will learn how to set up your on-premise SAP HANA migration project and to check your database for compatibility with SAP HANA Cloud. The example landscapes presented below are:

Wednesday 1 March 2023

Blue Field Implementation with Selective Data Transition for SAP S/4HANA Migration: Benefits, Challenges & Best Practices


As businesses continue to evolve, they must adopt new technologies and systems to stay competitive. For many organizations, migrating to the SAP S/4HANA platform is a critical step in their digital transformation journey. The SAP S/4HANA platform provides businesses with real-time data and insights, improved productivity, and streamlined processes. However, migrating to the SAP S/4HANA platform can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution.

One approach to migrating to the SAP S/4HANA platform is the Blue Field Implementation with Selective Data Transition approach. This approach enables organizations to adopt the SAP S/4HANA platform while minimizing business disruption and data loss. In this article, we will explore the Blue Field Implementation with Selective Data Transition approach in detail, including the benefits and challenges of this approach, best practices, and the role of a trusted partner.