Certifications Dumps may put Your Career at Risk

In article All About SAP HANA Certifications we provided all the details and sample questions of SAP HANA Certifications. Many people ask us about Certification Dumps and Real Exam Questions and Answers. In this article we will cover a very important topic – “Why not to use dumps?”

Are you also looking for certification dumps and real exam questions and answers? Do you get tempted by websites selling real exam questions and answers with 100% guarantee?  If yes, then you may be putting your entire career on risk.

It’s against the company policy:

All Certification materials are copy righted materials and they cannot be distributed freely, any such distribution is illegal and may liable for legal action. Unfortunately, many unauthorized people are selling them and keeping them on the internet, please be aware with such individuals.
When you are writing any certification, you are going to sign a non-disclosure agreement that you would not disclose the questions outside. Please note Certification questions are far different from these sample questions.

Online Practice Exams is an Alternative Option

If you are really looking for good option where you can test your knowledge? then online practice exams is far better than dumps. It is purely legal and recommended by major SAP partner companies. There are very few practice test provider and out of them I personally recommend erpprep.com for one of the only option to gain good understanding on exam pattern and type of questions asked in certification exam.

You are actually buying stolen goods

Given that companies never provide exams real questions and answers for sale, we know these materials are offered for illegal to sale. In other words, they are stolen goods. And now that the companies that create and own the tests have a virtually foolproof way to know whether you've used illegal materials when you take an exam, getting caught cheating could wreck your career.

How can anyone find out if you prepared from dumps/real exam questions or not?

I am not saying that it actually happens. But there are ways that you can be caught of using dumps.
Every time an individual takes a certification exam online, there are digital "fingerprints" that identify how long that person took to answer each question, whether he went back and changed any answers, and so on. Using data-forensics techniques, this digital evidence is analyzed for every exam taken. With incredible accuracy, the forensics reveal patterns that identify cheaters. Even inadvertent cheaters -- those who didn't know they used illegal preparatory materials -- can be caught, but they are not distinguished from people who cheat intentionally.
Policies on exam security vary from one certifying agency to the next, but many vendors and third-party agencies are stiffening the penalties for policy violations. For instance, Microsoft recently announced it would impose a lifetime ban from its certification program for anyone caught cheating, even if it was unintentional.

Do not get fooled by false advertisement

Many times the certification dumps providers post and advertise in public forums in a sneaky way.
You may find lots of post like
“Hey friends, I pass my exam yesterday. Got 95% marks. Thanks to some website for providing the real exam questions.”
I think it’s all false advertisement. Employee of those dumps selling websites might post on these community forums pretending to be test-takers. But if we assume these comments are posted by actual test-takers, it would seem they are buying test answers from a Web site that is accused of illegal distribution of exam materials, and are thus risking lifetime bans from the certification provider companies.

Do you really need certification dumps/real exam questions to pass the exam?

I always wonder why people look for dumps at all. The cut score of the exams are always achievable. In case of SAP HANA certifications, cut scores are close to 60 only. Anyone who prepare properly with learning materials can pass the exam.
Plus you must ask yourself a question – “Do I only need to pass the exam or I will work on the topic or crack an interview afterwards?”
I bet nobody would just get the certificate for showcase. Your next step will be either work on the topic or get a job. In either case you will have to learn the topics. Then why not learn it from the beginning.


SAP Certifications are really helpful in getting better jobs and better salary. Seeing the market trend of HANA, it will be a good idea to go for certification on SAP HANA and give a new boost to your career. But don't think of shortcuts. Go through the topics, learning materials and courses, prepare yourself and then go for the exam. You will definitely succeed. Good Luck!

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