How to Book an SAP Certification?

In our previous article All About SAP HANA Certifications we provided the list of all SAP HANA certifications and their details.
In this article we will provide you few important information on SAP certification booking process.

Qs 1. How to find exam centers and training locations?
 SAP has training centers around the world in locations to suit you and your team. Click here to see all the location details.

Qs 2. Is there any difference between taking a certification exam at an SAP Education organization center and taking one at Pearson VUE?
No. Certification exams are the same no matter where you take them. SAP has partnered with Pearson VUE to provide greatest possible number of exam locations. You can take certification exams at SAP Education organization centers as well as at any of the 4,000 Pearson VUE centers worldwide.

Qs 3. How do I register to take an exam at a Pearson VUE test center?
You can visit the Pearson VUE Web site to register for exams. The step-by step registration process includes selection of location, exam type, date, and payment method. You can also use the SAP Partner Testing Centers link  to look for testing options available through Pearson VUE, or you can contact your local SAP Education organization.

Qs 4. What is the difference between “Associate certification” and “Professional certification”?
Associate certification - Requires formal SAP training or broad fundamental knowledge of SAP solutions and the successful acquisition of broad proficiency.
Professional certification - Requires proven project experience, business process knowledge, and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions.
Click here to know more.

Qs 5. Do certification programs have prerequisites, such as participation in a series of training courses?
While there is no course or set of courses required to take a particular certification exam, SAP provides a list of recommended training you can take to better prepare for an exam. In addition, completing an exam for a lower-level (associate) certification is not a prerequisite for taking a higher-level (professional) exam, although many professional-level certification seekers might find it helpful.

Qs 6. How can I contact SAP for any specific certification related question?
You can contact thru SAP Help Center.

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