Wednesday 11 March 2015

Step by Step guide for creation of Structural Packages in SAP HANA Studio.

Different types of Packages in SAP HANA Modeler  :

Packages : Packages are the first logic storage component of an SAP HANA model. Within a package you define one or more attribute views, analytic views, calculation views,  analytic privileges, Decision Tables ,Procedures.

1. Structural - Package helps to organize the content in a logical  tree.

2. Non-Structural - Package contains information objects . Non-Structural are created by  Default.

Structural Package:

Lets Create a Parent Package  “ ZS_Australia “
                       Child Package (Sub Package )  “ ZS_Australia.NSW “
Step 1:
Right Click on Content < New< Package

SAP HANA Structural

Tuesday 10 March 2015

The power of Smart Data Access (SDA) with SAP HANA SP08


Smart Data Access (SDA) was first introduced with SAP HANA SP06 and it enables enterprise to dynamically access and report across heterogeneous sources like SAP HANA, Sybase IQ, Sybase ASE, Hadoop, SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle and SQL Server.

Please refer to the links below, for more details

SAP Unveils SAP HANA Service Pack 6 (SP6) for Big Data and Spatial Processing

Modelling capabilities on these remote virtual (SDA) tables were introduced with HANA SP07, however this was limited to SQL based calculation views. Graphical calculation views can also be created using the SDA tables, however in this scenario the Aggregation (read. GROUP BY) was not pushed down to the remote database.

SDA Features Enhancements with HANA SP08 (Rev 82)

Finally SAP HANA SP08 (rev 82) introduced the capability of Aggregation (GROUP BY) push down to the remote database in down in graphical calculations. That’s truly opens the possibility of building models on top of SDA virtual tables and hence building analytic solution.