Saturday 16 January 2016

HANA Rules Framework

Welcome to the SAP HANA Rules Framework (HRF) Community Site!

SAP HANA Rules Framework provides tools that enable application developers to build solutions with automated decisions and rules management services, implementers and administrators to set up a project/customer system, and business users to manage and automate business decisions and rules based on their organizations' data.
In daily business, strategic plans and mission critical tasks are implemented by a countless number of operational decisions, either manually or automated by business applications. These days - an organization's agility in decision-making becomes a critical need to keep up with dynamic changes in the market.

HRF Main Objectives are:
  • To seize the opportunity of Big Data by helping developers to easily build automated decisioning solutions and\or solutions that require business rules management capabilities
  • To unleash the power of SAP HANA by turning real time data into intelligent decisions and actions
  • To empower business users to control, influence and personalize decisions/rules in highly dynamic scenarios
HRF Main Benefits are:

Rapid Application Development | Simple tools to quickly develop auto-decisioning applications
  • Built-in editors in SAP HANA studio that allow easy modeling of the required resources for SAP HANA rules framework
  • An easy to implement and configurable SAPUI5 control that exposes the framework’s capabilities to the business users and implementers
Business User Empowerment | Give control to the business user
  • Simple, natural, and intuitive business condition language (Rule Expression Language)
HANA Rules Framework

  • Simple and intuitive UI control that supports text rules and decision tables

SAP HANA Framework

  • Simple and intuitive web application that enables business users to manage their own rules

HANA Rules Framework

Scalability and Performance | HRF as a native SAP HANA solution leverages all the capabilities and advantages of the SAP HANA platform.

SAP solutions already utilizing HRF:

Use cases of SAP solutions already utilizing HRF:

SAP Transportation Resource Planning

HANA Rules Framework

SAP Fraud Management

SAP HANA Certifications

SAP hybris Marketing (formerly SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence)

HANA Rules Framework

SAP Operational Process Intelligence

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