Thursday 2 June 2016

SAP HANA Features that are Deprecated

From the latest series of HANA we will only use Calculation views for HANA Modeling. Except for specific cases as listed below, Analytical views and Attribute views are totally deprecated. Means, if you are working on HANA Modeling projects do not use these two types of views.

Within Calculation views - you can create Cube (aggregation node at the top Semantic layer) - equivalent for creating Analytical views, Dimension (projection node at the top Semantic layer) - equivalent to Attribute views. The third type is Cube Calculation view with SQL script. This is also deprecated. Only table functions will be used in future.
There is a Migration tool that will help you previously created Analytical, Attribute and SQL script calculation views to Calculation views and Table Functions respectively. (please watch out for pictorial additions to this blog shortly & request you to bookmark for updates.

The Migration tool and its features and steps are described in this document

As a background The Analytical views run on OLAP engine, whereas Calculation views in the Calculation/SQL engine and the Attribute views in the Join engine. As there is a lot of data transfers that may happen among all these engines and also some redundancy in their intrinsic features, the idea is to use only Calculation views running mostly in the SQL engine but you could still have it running in the Calculation engine while using Column engine "Conversion functions".

1. Analytical Views - Only for Temporal joins that help in excluding/including specific time periods (start date, end date or Validity Period) - in general time splits - we will use an analytical views.
For all other cases Analytical views are now deprecated.
Analytical views have a template that allows you to use only 1 Fact table with a Star join at the top node. Only attribute views are allowed to be included in the star join node. The Data foundation node allows views/tables. However the limitation & the engine is the reason for moving out.

The strict choice is to create a Calculation view of type - Cube.

2. Attribute views are used only in cases where you need to do a search. Other than Search features with Fuzzy search - Attribute views will not be used at all.
The strict choice is to use Calculation view of type - Dimension.

I will include more features that are deprecated very soon and also enrich this document with pictorial information shortly. So kindly bookmark and stay watching this space.

You may have detailed inputs on what is New & Changed


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