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S/4HANA Fashion Purchase Order and Season Determination


The integration between the fashion industry and the season is seamless. Thus, it is far more important as the article purchasing, production or selling depends according to the demand within the respective season. Mainly, seasons such as spring, summer, fall, winter / holiday, and no season will be configured in SAP within the fashion industry. The “no season” is created to cater a particular article all throughout the year. Hence, the applicability of article is determined based on the season assigned, in which it could be assigned to a new season or carry over season (same article valid for the next upcoming season).

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The season is created in the system based on a vertical process as below and it consists a inter dependency between each level, where none of them cannot be created alone. Further, within each level the validity period is present to represent an additional classification with regards to the business process.

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SAP S/4 Fashion Purchase Order Season Processing

Purchase order creation is part of SAP material management module. Consequently, depending on the business process the season functionally should be enabled. Hence, below portraits purchase order and season related the configuration steps, local settings around the season workbench, season re-determination report, tabled associated with seasons and authorization objects within S/4 fashion 1809 release.


Step 1

SPRO IMG > Logistics – General > Season > Maintain Default Season Type

Select “Creation Season” radio button, which Indicates the default season type to be used during the listing of article master.

Step 2

SPRO IMG > Logistics – General > Season >Number Ranges for Season Workbench > Define Number Ranges

*Define number range based on the application in user (Purchasing, sales, and production…etc.).

*Number object = FSH_CRSD (can be checked Tx SNRO)

Example number range = ZP (purchasing) 0002000000 – 0002999999

Step 3

SPRO IMG > Logistics – General > Season >Number Ranges for Season Workbench > Maintain Number Range Object for Applications

*Select application and assign created NR number

Example = “M” purchasing is the application and NR number created is “ZP”.

Step 4 (Optional – Mass processing)

SPRO IMG > Logistics – General > Season > Number Ranges for Season Mass Processing.

*This step should be done similar as above step 2 and step 3.

Step 5

SPRO IMG > Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Maintain Purchase Order Types per Purchasing Area for Fashion Management

*Configure the purchase order document type against the respective purchase group and purchase organization. Later, enable the season processing and message type.


PO Document type = ZNB

Purchase Organization = 1000

Purchase Group = Z01

Season processing = P (check season at item level)

Message type = E (error)

Select “season determination log”, which will be visible during PO creation.

Season Workbench

Season creation

The new seasons are created using season workbench with the use of Tx FSH_SWB. In addition, season workbench manages season creation, change, deletion, and article assignment to the respective season or seasons. Hence, a season attached to collection is one to many in terms of the relationship. Similarly, collection to theme is one to many as well. In addition, season workbench display options are tree view, split view (default view) and validity period view, which enables the user brows through seasons and articles.

Access to season workbench – Tx FSH_SWB

SAP retail easy access Tx W10M > Cross-Application Functions > Seasons > Season Workbench

Season creation example.

Season year = 2021

Season = S21

Collection = COR

Theme = Z01

Purchasing view

In the same Tx FSH_SWB assign the created season data based on delivery date and purchase order creation date validity period across the purchasing view. Upon the setting, during PO creation in Tx ME21N for the PO document type “ZNB” the determination log will be visible.

Refer Environment > Logs > Season Determination.

Article Assignment

Season can be assigned based on the article or article group within any of the levels such as season, collection and theme based on the business process. Thus, single articles, generic article and variant articles can be assigned. In a scenario where generic article is assigned, the season will be determined to all variants of the generic article and the season workbench will display only the generic article. In a scenario where, only one variant is assigned, the season will be determined to the assigned variant only and the season workbench will display both generic article and assigned variant article. Moreover, a season cannot be deleted if an article is assigned to the season.

The season will be visible in Article as below,

SAP retail easy access Tx W10M > Master Data > Material Data > Material > MM43 – Display (Tx MM43)

Tx MM43 > Basic Data > Goto Additional Data > Season Article Assignment

*Article season assignment against the segment.

Mass Season Re-determination

This tool is used to perform two events related to season processing such as re-determination and manual season assignment. Hence, this operation is conducted specifically in terms of sales and purchasing documents only.

Access to mass season re-determination – Tx FSH_SRED (will be automatically taken to Tx FSH_SREDN)

SAP retail easy access Tx W10M > Cross-Application Functions > Seasons > Mass Season Processing

Purchase Order and Season related tables

Below are few tables from S/4 Fashion 1809, which is aligned with purchasing and seasons.

FSH_PERIODS                     Condition Records for Season Determination

FSH_MM_PERIODS            Period Table for Season in MM & PP

FSH_SEASON_TYPES        Table for Season Types

FSH_SEASON_TYPET        Text Table for Season Types

FSH_SEASONS                    Database table for FSH Seasons

FSH_SEASONS_MAT          Table for Seasons in Material

FSH_SEASONS_T                Text Table for Seasons

FSH_SLOG_MM                   Season Determination Log storage for Purchasing document

Authorization Objects

Below are the authorization objects, that need to be assigned to the respective user to access season related transaction codes. Refer SAP note 2060292 or refer Tx SE80 against the package “FSH_SEASONS”

SWB_DISPLA – Authorization to Display Season Workbench

SWB_PUR_V – Authorization to Display Purchasing View in Season Workbench

SWB_SALE_V – Authorization to Display Sales View in Season Workbench

SWB_TREE – Authorizations for Season Workbench

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