Tuesday 12 September 2017

Introducing SAP HANA Cloud Platform predictive services

Here at the SAP HANA Academy we’ve put together a series of hands-on video tutorials that show the basics of predictive services from both an admin and developer perspective.

The first video tutorial covers getting started topics such as where to find the documentation.

Tutorials 2,3 & 4 cover the one time setup process for new HCP landscapes – admin tasks.

If you just want to get a feel for how to develop with predictive services you can jump straight into tutorial #5 “First Steps”.

Tutorials 6-11 cover the individual services in more depth – dataset, key influencer, scoring equation, forecast, outliers and what-if?

Tutorials 12-18 cover how to create a HTML5 app using SAP Web IDE that incorporates predictive services.

Each tutorial includes an example and you can follow along yourself as all data and code snippets have been posted to our GitHub repository.

1. Getting Started

2. Setup – Deploy & Install APL

3. Setup – Create Technical User

4. Setup – Binding, Roles, Start

5. First Steps

6. Dataset Service

7. Key Influencer Service

8. Scoring Equation Service

9. Forecast Service

10. Outliers Service

11. What If Service

12. HTML5 – HCP Destination

13. HTML5 – Create Project

14. HTML5 – Register a Dataset

15. HTML5 – Controls for DatasetID and Target Variable

16. HTML5 – DatasetID onChange

17. HTML5 – Key Influencers

18. HTML5 – Deploy to HCP

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