Sunday 31 May 2015

SAP HANA: What are packages in SAP HANA?

What is a Package?

This is a procedure for grouping together the related information objects in a structured way.

Types of Packages:

SAP HANA Packages

It groups all the information models and makes it easier to transport (import/export) the models which we have created in an efficient manner. Means we can "Package" our data models and easily import/export them to another HANA Studio instance.

Tuesday 5 May 2015

How to Secure the Communication between SAP HANA Studio and SAP HANA Server through SSL

This blog shows you, how to secure the communication between HANA Server and HANA Studio through SSL. It is highly recommended when there are lot of sensitive data handled in the system, which you want to secure from the middle-man attacks. There could be multiple documents available in SCN on this topic, but here I wants to show my experience on setting this up, in short time.

  • HANA Server is installed and running
  • HANA studio is installed in the local system
  • Access to the HANA server
  • Putty / WinSCP tools 
HANA Server and client without SSL configured:

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