Wednesday 22 November 2023

Consuming data from SAP Datasphere into Power BI via ODBC connector

I wanted to share my proof of concept about consuming data from SAP Datasphere into Power BI via ODBC connection (Open database connection)


Datasphere tenant.
Power BI.
Need to create a database user for the particular space in the space management.
Host name, Port number, Password, Database username.
Need to add External IPV4 Address in the IP Allowlist.
Hana ODBC client.
Need to add credentials in Power BI.

Monday 20 November 2023

Paging concept in Odata service


Paging is used for restricting data(instead of feeding ALL) from the backend to the frontend which helps to improve the performance by reducing the records in the response.

Let’s take an example, suppose there is a UI5/Fiori application in which you need to display the list of sales orders. In that case, we need to fetch the list of sales orders from the database and send it as a response in that case the data volume will be huge and it degrades the performance of the application. Hence the concept of Paging.

Friday 17 November 2023

SLT – Calculation job in sender system could not be started


The SAP Landscape Transformation (SAP LT) Replication server is one of the tool provided by SAP for data migration. This tool can be used for real-time (and non-real-time) data replication sourcing from SAP or non-SAP systems into SAP systems.

This blog explains the process to troubleshoot where Calculation job in sender SAP system could not be started. The table replication status in SLT remains in Calculation step for sometime and then the status changes to Calculation failed.

Thursday 9 November 2023

Easy way to provide schema access to a BTP HANA Cloud Standard User


While working with the CAP applications, I have came across a situation that a standard HANA cloud user used in CPI cannot perform direct CRUD operations on the tables via the JDBC driver. The CPI will throw the error: insufficient privileges.  So, I am writing the blogpost for reference purpose.


Please follow the below mentioned steps:

Monday 6 November 2023

Missing posting rules in FEB_BSPROC

This blog post describes a workaround that will be useful for those actively working with bank statement processing in SAP. This workaround deals with a known problem for which SAP issued a KBA OSS-note 2210038 – “FEB_BSPROC – Posting rules missing in F4 help”. Unfortunately, the KBA does not provide any recommendations or workarounds. That’s what I’m trying to address in this post.

Let’s start. The problem is very simple. When the user processes items in the bank statement via transaction FEB_BSPROC (i.e., newer version of the transaction FEBAN) and tries to adjust the posting rule for an item, he/she can see only a limited number of posting rules. Screenshot below shows that only 9 posting rules are available in the list:

Saturday 4 November 2023

Creation and mapping of a new pay group from SuccessFactors to the S/4 system in SAP

In this blog, I am discussing the creation and mapping of a new pay group from SuccessFactors to the SAP S/4 system. I will be explaining each step of the process, from creating a new pay group in SF to mapping to the S/4 system, followed by the data replication process.

1. Creating a new pay group in SuccessFactors

In manage data, create a new pay group with your preference. It is recommended to have two digits as an external code for your pay group. Once the pay group external code is provided, enter the description and set the status to active. Parallelly, enter the payment frequency as per your requirement. Finally, map the legal entity for which this pay group you are creating and save it. Below is the screenshot attached for your reference.

Friday 3 November 2023

Return Delivery of Goods W/O Shipping (Using 451 Movement Type)

Returns from customer: (With Out Shipping)

Using movement type 451, you post customer returns without a return’s delivery in Shipping into blocked stock returns. The quantity is transferred from blocked stock returns to unrestricted-use stock and thereby transferred to valuated stock.

Process Flow steps:

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Most common built-in SQL functions that are provided with SAP HANA.

This blog on SAP HANA SQL script functions aims to make you comfortable with some of the important built-in SQL scripting functions.

SQL script is the scripting language used in the SAP HANA database. We can perform data-intensive operations in the SAP HANA database and transfer only a small result set to the application layer. This way, we can optimize the performance of a program using SQL script because we communicate with the database in its own language.