Friday 28 July 2023

Accessing Objects from Another Local Container in HANA XSA and Deploying Selected Artifacts Using PACKAGE.JSON in HANA DB: A Step-by-Step Guide

It’s recommended to use Shared local Container/Schema details within the development team while working on the same project or Dependent Data model. The procedure outlined below explains how to access objects from another local container by modifying the YAML file in HANA XSA:

1. If you are the owner of the Source local container/schema (Cont_1), you need to provide access to another developer who intends to consume the object. Use the SQL script provided below to grant access:

Monday 24 July 2023

Basic Principles of SAP HANA XSA


First, one important piece of information: XSC i.e., the native developments of SAP HANA artefacts in the HANA Studio, is obsolete. It is no longer being developed and new features will not be added. The future is XSA and that is where SAP’s entire focus will be regarding HANA.

SAP HANA XSA is a paradigm shift in developing with SAP HANA. This statement may at first seem extreme, because at first glance, compared to XSC, the application has just gotten new components such as NodeJS or HTML5.

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Migrate to SAP HANA InA in Web Intelligence


SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and Semantic Layer offer multiple connection options to access and query SAP HANA views in SAP BusinessObjects BI:

◉ SAP HANA Relational connection, based on HANA ODBC and JDBC drivers, allows you to connect to HANA views via HANA SQL access, and to query them using the SQL query language. This connection option is optimized for better performances on HANA at refresh time, but it does not support HANA hierarchies.
◉ SAP HANA OLAP connection, that offers a multi-dimensional access to HANA models via HANA MDX access, allows you to query HANA views as OLAP cubes (including the support for HANA hierarchies) using the MDX query language. This connection option is not available on SAP HANA Cloud that does not support MDX queries.
◉ SAP HANA InA OLAP connection, based on HANA Information Access (InA) service, allows you to define InA queries with rich or complex semantics supporting multi-dimensional concepts (including the support for HANA hierarchies) and spatial and search features on HANA models. In this connection option, you can select HTTP or JDBC protocol to run InA queries from HTTP requests or directly from the SAP HANA JDBC driver.

Monday 3 July 2023

Database Unavailable – HDB Connectivity issue Part 1


Although the database instance was up and all HANA services were active, a database unavailability alert appeared in the “Focussed Run” or in the CCMS alert.

In this article, identify the root cause of the HDB connectivity issue and also check whether the KEY entry corresponding to the database user was present in the hdbuserstore.

Also, identify which database user was required to add the KEY entry in hdbuserstore.