How to Master SAP HANA - A Step by Step Guide

Everyone has to start somewhere. And yes, I was a SAP HANA beginner at one time, too (going back to the first days of BW Accelerator). The great news is that we have a wealth of information and plenty of learning opportunities about SAP HANA out there and much of it is available for free!

SAP HANA is highest booming technology and thus there is plenty of job opening. Job profile on SAP HANA is rated as highly paid among IT industry as compare to other and other SAP modules. SAP HANA and related modules are developed to create new eco-system where SAP HANA can handle other SAP modules. So, this is right time to get entry into SAP HANA career.

How to master SAP HANA and Ready for Job?

  1. Start getting primary knowledge on SAP HANA on site like
  2. Get complete SAP HANA material and start self learning with SAP HANA training videos
  3. Get live Server access and practice as much as you can till you get confident
  4. Test your knowledge with online practice exams and be ready for certification
  5. Prepare yourself with interview questions
I hope you will definitely interested to be step by step into SAP HANA.

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