Friday 5 January 2024

Azure Monitor for SAP solutions One-stop-shop for SAP technical monitoring

Are you an SAP Customer/Partner/ISV seeking a seamless monitoring solution? In this blog, I introduce Microsoft’s latest Monitoring solution—Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions—a user-friendly and plug-and-play tool.

  1. What is Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions?
  2. What is the architecture?
  3. What can you monitor?
  4. What are the other key capabilities of AMS?
  5. What are pricing and regions available?

1. What is Azure Monitor for SAP Solutions?

Azure Monitor for SAP solutions is a comprehensive technical monitoring tool tailored for businesses leveraging SAP applications on Microsoft Azure. This turnkey solution facilitates the collection of telemetry data from SAP NetWeaver, databases, Linux Pacemaker clusters, and Linux operating systems. Centralized within the Azure portal, this tool streamlines visual correlation and rapid troubleshooting, requiring just a few minutes for configuration without the need for customer infrastructure deployment or maintenance.

2. What is the architecture?

The following diagram shows, at a high level, how Azure Monitor for SAP solutions.

Azure Monitor for SAP solutions One-stop-shop for SAP technical monitoring
AMS Architecture

  • Monitoring SAP Systems: Azure Monitor for SAP solutions allows monitoring of multiple components across various SAP systems in a virtual network.
  • Configurable Providers: Configure providers for different components (e.g., HANA database, HA cluster, NetWeaver, DB2 and OS) to collect data.
  • Key Architecture Components:
    • Azure Portal: Access point.
    • Monitor Resource: Displays monitoring data.
    • Managed Resource Group: Automatic deployment with Azure Functions, Key Vault, Log Analytics Workspace, and Storage Account.
  • Visualization and Querying:
    • Azure Monitor workbooks for customizable visualizations. Pin items to the Azure dashboard for auto-refresh (max every 30 minutes).
    • Use Kusto Query Language (KQL) for log queries in Log Analytics.
    • Detailed Architecture is available at What is Azure Monitor for SAP solutions?

3. What can you monitor?

    • CPU, memory, disk, and network use
    • HANA system replication
    • HANA backup
    • HANA host status
    • Index server and name server roles
    • Database growth
    • Top tables
    • File system use
  • SAP NetWeaver
    • SAP system and application server availability, including instance process availability of:
      • Dispatcher
      • ICM
      • Gateway
      • Message server
      • Enqueue server
      • IGS Watchdog
    • Work process usage statistics and trends
    • Enqueue lock statistics and trends
    • Queue usage statistics and trends
    • SMON metrics (/SDF/SMON)
    • SWNC workload, memory, transaction, user, and RFC usage (St03n)
    • Short dumps (ST22)
    • Object lock (SM12)
    • Failed updates (SM13)
    • System log analysis (SM21)
    • Batch job statistics (SM37)
    • Outbound queues (SMQ1)
    • Inbound queues (SMQ2)
    • Transactional RFC (SM59)
    • STMS change transport system metrics (STMS)
  • HA Pacemaker Cluster
    • Node, resource, and SBD status
    • Pacemaker location constraints
    • Quorum votes and ring status
    • Also see the metrics specification for ha_cluster_exporter.
  • OS (Linux)
    • CPU use, fork count, running processes, and blocked processes.
    • Memory use and distribution among used, cached, and buffered.
    • Swap use, paging, and swap rate
    • File system usage, along with number of bytes read and written per block device.
    • Read/write latency per block device.
    • Ongoing I/O count and persistent memory read/write bytes.
    • Network packets in/out and network bytes in/out
  • IBM Db2 & Microsoft SQL Server
    • Database availability
    • Number of connections, logical reads, and physical reads
    • Waits and current locks.
    • CPU, memory, and disk use
    • Host name, SQL instance name, and SAP system ID
    • Batch requests, compilations, and page life expectancy over time
    • Top 10 most expensive SQL statements over time
    • Top 12 largest tables in the SAP system
    • Problems recorded in the SQL Server error log.
    • Blocking processes and SQL wait statistics over time.

4. What are the other key capabilities of AMS?

  • The SAP Landscape Monitor is a one-stop destination to learn about the health of your entire SAP landscape. You can create a group of SAP systems based on the environment (e.g., Development, Production, etc.), application (e.g., ERP), or criticality and see the health of these systems based on the alerts that have been raised. You can also check alerts triggered by a group or a specific SAP system.

Azure Monitor for SAP solutions One-stop-shop for SAP technical monitoring
AMS Landscape Monitor

5. What are Pricing and regions available

  • There is no licensing fee for Azure Monitor for SAP solutions. Customers pay for the infrastructure components that are deployed as part of the managed Azure Resource Group. Standard Azure prices are applicable for Azure Functions (Premium Linux), Azure Log Analytics, Storage, Key Vault, alerts, and notification groups.
  • Azure Monitor for SAP solutions is available in East US, East US 2, West US, West US 2, West US 3, Central US, South Central US, North Central US, West Central US, West Europe, North Europe, Australia Central, Australia East, Australia Southeast, South India, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

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