Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Restrictions for SAP HANA Connectors


For the MX_VALID_FROM user attribute, take into account that, if the valid from date for the user is earlier than the current date, the user is provisioned to the SAP HANA system with a validity from the current date. This limitation comes from the SAP HANA system, in which you cannot create a user with a validity starting in the past.

Password Provisioning

If an administrator sets a productive password in the Identity Management system, the user also has to configure it in the SAP HANA system. For more information, see the SAP HANA Platform documentation.

Privilege Grouping

Since no multiple assignments are possible in the SAP HANA system, the SAP HANA Connector in the Identity Management system does not support assignment grouping. For this reason, privileges are provisioned to the SAP HANA system separately, but not as a group.
Setting Emails for Different Users
When you create a user and set its e-mail address with the MX_MAIL_PRIMARY attribute, you must use a unique e-mail. If you define an e-mail that already exists for another user, you will get an error message. That is a requirement of the SAP HANA system.

Source: scn.sap.com

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