Wednesday 12 April 2017

The First Predictive BSM Solution for SAP HANA

SAP has reviewed and qualified Centerity Monitor as suitable for use in SAP solution environments

Technology cooperation between SAP Co-Innovation Labs and Centerity brings holistic Business Service Monitoring (BSM) capabilities to the entire SAP environment including SAP ERP, SAP Infrastructure, and SAP HANA. Centerity Monitor has been tested by SAP Labs and this post describes that testing process and SAP’s conclusions.

SAP HANA – More Options! More Demands!

SAP has recently introduced the SAP Business Suite, BW, and other SAP solutions on HANA DB platform. This introduction highlighted the critical needs of SAP clients and integrators for SAP HANA comprehensive monitoring capabilities with the ability to comply with customers’ business services management standards. Business Service Monitoring (BSM) is one of the essential tools that allows IT and Business Units to create a holistic approach to complex enterprise services aligning expectations to deliver and required levels of service availability and performance for both external and internal customers (SLA/OLA). SAP Co-Innovation Labs in Israel moved to full SAP HANA integration due to the evolving complexity of service topology involving multiple, hybrid components such as Hardware, OS, Networking, System, Applications and more.

Centerity Monitor – The first predictive BSM for SAP HANA

Centerity’s BSM solution was chosen for this integration over several other vendors due to the fact that Centerity is an established player in this domain and already has “out of the box” monitoring capabilities to SAP Systems (e.g., CCMS-based monitoring). Centerity was challenged by SAP to demonstrate the rapid implementation capabilities of its BSM solution within the existing service environment of SAP Co-Innovation Labs Israel and the ability to integrate HANA KPIs into its monitoring solution. While modern IT monitoring solutions provide various features, the focus of this SAP Co-Innovation Labs integration was the enablement of full BSM stack monitoring for a HANA-based environment.

Centerity in-depth Integration into SAP environment Layers:

  • Application – ERP is monitored through CCMS service (existing tool).
  • Database – The driver was designed and developed by Centerity and SAP labs with complete customization to SAP HANA tables.
  • HANA Processes-Monitoring based on OS level – Centerity validates that HANA and ERP processes running normally.
  • Additional Services were monitored on top of the application and DB service layers.

HANA DB Customized Monitoring Service Pack:

  • Centerity Monitor was integrated with SAP HANA DB by using a highly customizable special driver on Unix-ODBC and Perl DBD/DBI. 
  • The CSP allows for the transfer of full DB Server Connect Parameters & Credentials and SQL queries as an argument with return values and running statuses. 
  • The query results were parsed and converted into performance values generating reports and alerts through management service. 
  • Additional logic was added to support different types of output.

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